Finding Balance: Navigating Body Goals and Food Freedom on Your Journey

Embracing Contradictions: Pursuing Food Freedom While Honoring Body Modifications

In the latest episode of “Beyond Intuitive Eating,” host Beth Basham delves into the complex and often polarizing topic of body goals and their coexistence with the pursuit of food freedom and intuitive eating. With a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by individuals on their journey to reclaiming their relationship with food and body, Beth tackles the question: “Can I want to modify my body while I pursue food freedom?”

Exploring the Complexity:
In this episode, Beth Basham addresses the layers and nuances of the question, highlighting that the journey to food freedom is unique for each individual. Rather than providing a definitive yes or no answer, she encourages listeners to hold space for all desires and to explore the intricacies of their personal experiences. Through her own experiences and those of her clients, she brings to light the varied motivations and desires that lead individuals to seek both body modification and food freedom.

Shifting Perspectives:
Acknowledging the prevalent black-and-white thinking ingrained by diet culture, Beth challenges the notion that body modification goals and intuitive eating are mutually exclusive. She empowers individuals to examine their motivations, emphasizing that both desires are valid and deserve recognition. By redirecting the focus from physical manifestations to emotional and feeling goals, she guides listeners to explore what truly drives their pursuit of body modification and how to align these desires with the principles of intuitive eating.

Being Present in the Moment:
Beth emphasizes the importance of being mindful and connected to the present moment body, rather than succumbing to future-focused thinking associated with body modification goals. By cultivating awareness and attunement to internal cues, she asserts that sustainable health and wellness can be achieved, independent of external measures such as the number on the scale.

Empowering the Journey:
Encouraging individuals to embrace their current stage of the journey, Beth reassures that their position is exactly where they need to be. Whether the desire is to modify the body or attain food freedom, she emphasizes the validity of each individual path. By inviting listeners to explore their emotional and feeling goals, she offers a shift in perspective that aligns with the holistic approach of intuitive eating and liberation from diet culture.

Beth Basham’s insightful exploration of the coexistence of body goals and food freedom presents a refreshing perspective that honors the complexities of each individual’s experience. By guiding listeners to shift their focus towards emotional and feeling goals, she empowers them to navigate their journey with self-compassion and an openness to the diverse desires that shape their relationship with food and body.

To hear Beth Basham’s full discussion on this thought-provoking topic, tune in to the latest episode of “Beyond Intuitive Eating” and embark on a journey towards total confidence and true health from the inside out.

You can listen to episode 25 here


00:00 Beth Basham hosts the Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast.

05:43 Embrace intuitive eating with self-compassion and understanding.

08:19 Choosing body acceptance over weight loss journey.

10:12 Balancing body goals with intuitive eating and freedom.

13:54 Being mindful and connected to the body.

19:45 Exploring deeper reasons for weight loss desire

22:02 Attuned body promotes sustainable health and wellness.

26:35 Group coaching program for body confidence offered.

27:36 Check show notes for free Facebook group.

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