Diet culture has run deep in our society for over 200 years and has distorted the way women see themselves and discover joy in their life. The obsession with controlling our bodies with food and “all the things diet-related” has taken us away from other, more powerful & purposeful ways of living. 

It has taken us away from the present moment, our families, our careers, and our ability to see the good in our world.  Diet culture has also pushed and pursued attention in the name of “health” when true health has nothing to do with body size or feeling “good enough” in the eyes of others. And with this, our self-worth has been muddied by images of the “ideal” and this lie will continue to distort future generations of women if it’s not put to an end.

So, we rise together for the collective of women (past, present, and future) to write a new story where our body no longer represents our worthiness nor is it a path to feeling loved.  We pursue the cultivation of a future generation that puts compassion and curiosity before criticism and judgment. A generation that redefines nourishment as it’s FELT in the body not demanded by society.

If not for ourselves, we heal our relationship with food and body for the next generation because we know their potential will be greater without the burden of diet culture and body oppression. Within this shift lies sovereignty that will set us and future generations free and remind us that our “enoughness” is innate. 

When this new story is written, women will deepen their connection to the present moment and experience joy instead of living in the potential of it. Time spent with loved ones will be cherished in deeper ways without the distracting thoughts of food and imperfect curves… intimacy in relationships will be redefined by love and soulful connection… The next generation of children will learn to focus on the content of their character versus the shape of their bodies. The world, overall, becomes a kinder and more enriching place where we treat others, and more importantly, ourselves with dignity, love, and respect. Healthcare is equalized for ALL bodies and women can walk into a doctor’s office to receive information on behaviors that will improve their health instead of instructions to “just get in a smaller body”. From this place, TRUE health will be restored within the collective.