Balancing Blood Sugar and Intuition: Diabetic Insights with Bonnie Giller

Beyond Dieting: Intuitive Eating Strategies for Diabetics

Welcome to another insightful episode of ‘Beyond Intuitive Eating,’ where we bridge the gap between managing diabetes and intuitive eating. Today’s episode, titled ‘How do I navigate IE if I’m a diabetic?’ features our exceptional guest, Bonnie Giller, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Hosted by the ever-insightful Beth Basham, this episode dismantles common misconceptions about diabetes management and intuitive eating. 

Beth begins by highlighting the journey of one of Bonnie’s clients, who successfully incorporated sweet potatoes into her diet while maintaining stable blood sugars. This story sets the stage for our deep dive into the relationship between intuitive eating and diabetes—a topic often fraught with confusion and mixed messaging about carbs and weight loss. 

Bonnie’s approach to nutrition steers away from harsh restrictions and emphasizes flexibility. Her intuitive eating principles offer a breath of fresh air to those who’ve been caught in the cycle of weight loss centric diets. This episode is not just about changing what’s on your plate; it’s about changing your relationship with food and learning to listen to your body. 

Listeners interested in following Bonnie’s work can access her e-book and connect with her across social media platforms and her website. Bonnie also offers virtual nutrition therapy services from her location in Long Island, New York, catering to those seeking guidance at a distance. 

Beth proudly promotes her group coaching program ‘peace with food and soul,’ inviting listeners to share the podcast and join the community for support on their journey toward food and body peace. 

One of the central messages of this episode is the holistic approach to blood sugar regulation. The duo discusses the importance of nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and habits, going well beyond calorie counting and meal planning. Strategies such as mindful eating, high-quality sleep, and stress management are presented as key components of maintaining regulated blood sugars. 

A pivotal point in the conversation is the emphasis on a weight-neutral, intuitive eating perspective. Bonnie explains that weight loss isn’t necessary for managing blood sugars and cautions against the risks associated with weight cycling. Both Beth and Bonnie call attention to the need for updating traditional training in dietetics and medicine to incorporate new evidence about blood sugar regulation and weight management. 

This episode of Beyond Intuitive Eating is an essential listen for health professionals and individuals alike, especially for those striving for food freedom while managing diabetes. Beth and Bonnie’s message encourages us to look at health holistically and to individualize our approaches—celebrating the body’s capabilities rather than succumbing to societal pressures of weight and dieting. 

Join us in this empowering conversation that challenges entrenched beliefs, and navigate the path to managing diabetes with an intuitive eating approach that respects your body and its needs. For further resources and information, don’t forget to check out the show notes where you’ll find clickable links to all the resources mentioned in this episode.

You can listen to episode 26 here


00:00 Blending intuitive eating and diabetes management: expert advice.

05:43 Transitioned from meal plans to intuitive eating.

08:26 Struggle with diabetes and intuitive eating conflicts.

11:00 Doctor advises managing blood sugar without weight loss.

15:28 New diabetes management program shows promising results.

18:58 Focus on gentle nutrition, movement for insulin sensitivity.

22:31 Importance of stress on health and wellbeing.

25:53 Assessing individual readiness for diabetes education and recovery.

29:47 Understanding insulin resistance and its impact on diet.

30:45 Data informs future food decisions, body’s reactions.

36:03 Understanding body’s response to carbohydrates is key.

37:56 Dietitian emphasizes flexibility in managing prediabetes through diet.

41:15 Reopening group coaching program for peace with food.

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