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Every woman would benefit from the soul nourishing and abundant environment Beth has carefully woven for us through the Peace with Food and Soul programs. I signed up hoping to move the scale and fit in my favorite pair of jeans again and defy my autoimmune challenges but what I got was so much more than that! I am so thankful for the change in perspective, the freedom and the peace I feel and I hope that you invest in yourself too. Thank you, Beth!! This is a game changer.
Cassandra Smith

As I near the end of the course, I honestly believe every woman would benefit from “Peace with Food and Soul”. It gently, yet powerfully transforms, affording an opportunity for the inner goddess to emerge from the shadows. The transformation happens so naturally as you make the journey of discovery! Thank you Beth.

Sheila Guiterrez

About Beth

Beth Basham MS, RD, LD is a Registered Dietitian, Intuitive and Mindful Eating Coach, and yoga instructor with a background in functional medicine and women’s health. Beth’s passion is to help women break free of the diet mentality and embrace their inner wisdom so they can achieve their body and health goals through her transformation program, Peace with Food & Soul.

She isn’t your traditional dietitian as she weaves her experience in intuitive eating, mindfulness, yoga, and functional nutrition into her coaching so the women who work with her get holistic, individualized support for their goals that is unlike any other practitioner.

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