Dressing Room Drama: Staying Serene While Shopping for Clothes

Beat the Boutique Blues: Strategies for Peaceful Clothing Shopping

Shopping for new clothes can be an adventure or a challenge, but for many, the dressing room mirror saga is real. It’s a battleground where harsh lighting and tilted mirrors wage war on our self-esteem. It’s no wonder that the simple task of trying on clothes can create so much stress and anxiety. But fear not! On the latest episode of Beyond Intuitive Eating, our compassionate host, Beth Basham, offers strategies to transform the way we shop.

Dressing Room Drama: What’s Really Happening?

Beth gets it—she’s seen the meltdown happen far too many times. And often, it’s not about the clothes; it’s the sneaky strategies stores use to sway our perceptions. Beth delves into the various tricks clothing companies play within the dressing room, from the strategic lighting that highlights every bump and line to mirrors designed to throw our reflections out of whack.

5 Tips for Tranquil Shopping

Ready for a dressing room redux? Beth shares her top five strategies to navigate the world of fashion with ease:

1. Choose Your Shopping Partner Wisely: Whether you go solo or bring along a friend, make this choice intentionally. Reflect on who has been there for you in past shopping escapades and who can infuse positivity into your experience.

2. Set an Intention: Take a moment before you embark on your shopping journey. Decide what you want out of it, slow down, and focus on your intention. This mindfulness can be a powerful tool in staying grounded.

3. Opt for Abundant Options: Embrace places that celebrate your body’s uniqueness; look for stores with a variety of sizes and inclusive policies. Consider branching out into online shopping for a wider selection and remember to grab different sizes to avoid the size label trap.

4. Say Goodbye to Numbers: Beth proposes a revolutionary idea—ditch the size tags, or better yet, write affirmations over them. Don’t let a number define you. Instead, find what fits and feels fabulous.

5. Focus on Functionality and Feeling: How often do we forget about the practicality of clothing in everyday life? Beth encourages us to remember that clothes are meant to live in, not just to be viewed in a mirror.

Liberated Body, Liberated Mind

As a registered dietitian, intuitive eating counselor, and liberated body coach, Beth is well-versed in the deep connection between our perceptions of food and our bodies. Her perspective on shopping isn’t just about clothes—it’s about how we feel in our skin and in the world.

Setting the Stage for Success: Before stepping into the dressing room, Beth suggests a grounding ritual. Take deep breaths, listen to an uplifting song, and approach the mirror with the right mindset.

Creating the Piles: When trying on clothes, use Beth’s system: “heck no,” “I’ll consider it,” and “absolutely yes.” These piles help prioritize your comfort above everything else.

In Closing: The Shopping Experience and You

Beth Basham understands that clothing is more than what meets the eye; it’s an emotional experience. She invites listeners to not only embrace these tips but to share their own. Plus, for those looking to dive deeper into food freedom and body liberation, she encourages checking out her group coaching program.

So the next time you set out to refresh your wardrobe, take Beth’s advice to heart. It’s not just about filling your closet—it’s about filling your life with choices that make you feel empowered and at ease.

Do you have any personal tactics for shopping success? Join the conversation in our Facebook group. Ready to live beyond the numbers on the tags and scales? Explore the Beyond Intuitive Eating coaching program and start your journey today. Happy shopping!

You can listen to episode 32 here


00:00 Choose shopping companions based on personal comfort.

04:25 Choose supportive companion, set clear shopping intention.

09:41 Expanded size ranges create more inclusive shopping.

10:31 Consider multiple sizes when shopping for clothes.

15:30 Neutrality in clothing, options for self-love.

17:06 Struggling in the dressing room with emotions.

21:19 Prioritize comfort and evaluate clothing intentionally.

24:09 Be selective, stay aligned, and be bold.

27:47 Focus on how clothing feels, buy accordingly.

30:01 Group coaching program helps shed food guilt.

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