A little bit about Beth…

Beth is a transformational food and body freedom coach who supports women looking to make peace with food and support their relationship with their bodies.

With over 15 years of experience as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and additional training in Functional Medicine and yoga, she blends together the best of evidence-based nutrition practices, spirituality, self-development, and mindfulness.

Around 2010, Beth started to struggle with my own health and was unable to find the answers with her conventional training as a dietitian. No matter how hard she tried to be healthy, she found herself exhausted and gaining weight despite a vigorous exercise routine and cutting calories.  The struggles and search for answers with her own healing journey led her to discover the world of Functional Medicine, an evidence-based approach to healing the body by finding the root cause of disease, Intuitive Eating, and mindfulness.

What you get is a coach who has been there, done that, and helped hundreds of women reclaim their health, lose unwanted weight, and reconnect with themselves in a powerful way.

If you are ready to change your life through your perspective on food and body, step into TRUE vitality, and get back what was meant for you, Beth may just be your girl!

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Who does Beth like to work with?

Those who choose to work with Beth are not average and she does not provide an average experience with her coaching. Those attracted to Beth are exception women ready for a divine experience with themselves and are excited to dig in and do the work required for true transformation. 

Beth works with women who are…

  • Sick and tired of the diet culture and yo-yo dieting lifestyle
  • Feeling stuck with rules and restriction around food but not sure how to break free
  • Feeling hatred toward their bodies but are ready to switch that over to love
  • Ready to turn more of their time over to what’s truly important instead of obsessing and thinking about food and body all-day long
  • Tuned into, or open to, divine support and love from God/Universe/Source

What Beth does is WAY more than just nutrition…

Nutrition is a cornerstone of our health but Beth also recognizes there is more to our health journey beyond what we eat… WAY MORE!

We are not only what we eat but also what we think, feel, and believe. When we begin to change that, our whole world (and our body) responds.

When you work with Beth, get ready for a deep dive into all the factors that contribute to your health paradigm…

    Where can you find Beth?

    Beth resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband Stephen, daughter Maya, and furry friend, Lola. When Beth is not in her office supporting women like you, you might find her hiking in the mountains, practicing yoga, or reading books. She also loves to travel and enjoy a nice glass of wine paired with deep conversation. 

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