A little bit about Beth…

Beth is a transformational food and body freedom coach who supports women looking to make peace with food and support their relationship with their bodies. She brings over 20 years of experience to her clients using tools as a dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, and trauma-informed coach so they can heal in a safe space. 

Around 2010, Beth started to struggle with my own health and was unable to find the answers with her conventional training as a dietitian knowing “what to eat”. No matter how hard she tried to be healthy, she found herself exhausted and gaining weight despite a vigorous exercise routine and cutting calories.  The struggles and search for answers with her own healing journey led her to discover the world of Functional Medicine, an evidence-based approach to healing the body by finding the root cause of disease, Intuitive Eating, somatic therapy, and so much more.

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to hiring a coach.  She gets that and knows how overwhelming it can be to find the right fit!  You need a coach who partners with you to create change on your terms.

If you’re ready to explore partnership on your food and body journey, schedule a FREE 20 minute consult to explore if Beth can help you!

Who is this work for?

🥂You want total confidence in your body AND you want to be your healthiest too (i.e. fix your gut issues, balance blood sugar, decrease blood pressure, etc.) —> You’ve likely learned ALL the things in the nutrition and health world and want to trust your body but all those outside messages are confusing to you and you don’t actually know what to do next with food or know how to trust your body.

🥂 You have decided that the pursuit of weight loss is no longer the biggest goal OR something that you will “hope” and wait for —> Sure, you might still be interested in changing your body to some degree (that’s called being human), but you know that even at your smallest you were still unhappy. You’re ready to shift your negative self talk from the inside out and feel relieved in whatever body size you are.

🥂 You’re an action-taker with an open heart for letting God/The Divine or Source energy onto your path. —> You know you were made for more and realize you’ve let everyone else tell you how you “should” look, what you “should” weigh, and allowed the judgments from others take away your power. You weren’t meant to do this alone and are ready to partner with a coach but ALSO lean into your Higher Power because we shouldn’t have to do this ALONE and there is an energy (I like to call it God) always ready to meet you and support you.

    Here is what we will do together…

    ✔️ I’ll teach you how to start shifting your self-talk from the inside out so that you not only understand what it is to live in total body confidence, you will learn what it takes to BECOME it. We will have a powerful 45-minute breakthrough session followed by 5 days of Voxer connection so that you can learn how to breakthrough your biggest obstacle when it comes to loving your body and feeling at peace with food.

    ✔️ Food and body GET to be easy when you’re operating from a self-concept or identity of someone who just IS that. Who you are BEING behind the scenes of your life will shift and you’ll create results in alignment with your new subconscious self-concept via identity work. You’ll get 2-weeks of access to my online courses that will teach you how to do this!

    ✔️ You’re going to get focused on YOU (for maybe the first time ever). If there’s one thing I’m excellent at, it’s keeping you on track and laser-focused on your goal. Like a dog with a bone, you will create exactly what you desire because you will have your eyes on the prize – and mine will be on it WITH you.

      Where can you find Beth?

      Beth resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband Stephen, children Maya and Myles, and furry friends, Lola & Heidi. When Beth is not in her office supporting women like you, you might find her hiking in the mountains, practicing yoga, or reading books. She also loves to travel and enjoy a nice glass of wine paired with deep conversation. 

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