Navigating Myths: The True Essence of Intuitive Eating

Debunking Intuitive Eating Misconceptions and Embracing Body Wisdom

Intuitive Eating: Understanding the Journey Beyond the Plate

Welcome to our latest blog post, inspired by the thought-provoking discussions in Episode 33 of Beyond Intuitive Eating, titled “What is intuitive eating and what is it NOT?” In this episode, our passionate host Beth Basham delved into the alluring world of intuitive eating, where the simplicity of listening to our bodies is often misunderstood amidst the clamor of diet culture narratives.

Tearing Down Misconceptions

At the heart of our discussion was the clarification of what intuitive eating truly embodies. Intuitive eating isn’t a free-for-all approach to eating nor is it the next trendy diet meant for weight loss. Beth explained that intuitive eating is about reconnecting with your body’s natural signals and honoring them without judgment or external interference.

It also isn’t an excuse to neglect your health. Instead, it’s an empowering framework that supports both physical and psychological well-being, enabling you to tune into your hunger cues, fullness, and the emotional aspects of eating.

The Intuitive Eating Compass

Beth underscored the principles that guide the intuitive eating journey:

1. Rejecting diet culture and recognizing its pervasive negative impact.

2. Honoring all types of hunger: physical, emotional, and taste.

3. Making peace with food by eliminating “good” or “bad” labels.

4. Silencing the “food police” to foster a healthier relationship with food.

5. Discovering satisfaction in eating and savoring every bite.

6. Attuning to feelings of fullness and responding to hunger without shame.

7. Managing emotions kindly and developing non-food-related coping strategies.

8. Respecting the body and its uniqueness.

9. Embracing joyful movement instead of punitive exercise routines.

10. Prioritizing gentle nutrition, which focuses on nourishment rather than restriction.

Beth emphasized the importance of dismantling the diet mentality and exploring the tenets of intuitive eating with compassion and patience. Intuitive eating is not a solo venture. It encourages the support of a community and professionals who understand its core philosophy.

The Expert’s Insight

With Beth’s expertise as a registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, and liberated body coach, listeners were offered a wealth of knowledge. She reminded us that the intuitive eating framework has been rigorously supported by over 200 research studies and was initially developed by dietitians Evelyn Tribley and Elise Resch. This approach is not only about food but also encompasses emotional mastery, and practical wisdom from functional medicine and neuroscience.

A Word of Caution

In a world where misinformation can spread like wildfire, one of the key messages from the podcast was to be mindful of the sources we trust. Social media influencers and marketing strategies have been known to misconstrue intuitive eating, and Beth advised her listeners to seek information directly from the authors and trusted experts in the field.

More than Just a Podcast

For those looking to dig deeper, Beth announced her involvement in “The Power of One” online summit and offered an invitation to her “Peace with Food and Soul” coaching program. These platforms provide additional avenues for anyone ready to embrace food freedom and optimal health.

The Beyond Intuitive Eating community is more than just listeners; it’s a space where stories are shared, support is found, and transformations begin. Beth encouraged her audience to become active participants by joining the Facebook group or engaging in private coaching.


Intuitive eating is a journey back to yourself; it’s a reclaiming of autonomy over your body and its needs. It requires deconstructing old beliefs and building new, nutritious ones that serve not just your health but also your happiness. Beth Basham’s voice is a guiding light on this path, reminding us that while the journey is personal, we need not walk it alone.

Join us in exploring this empowering framework and rediscover the joy that comes from eating intuitively. Share this post, spread the word, and together let’s move beyond intuitive eating into a realm where we trust our bodies and find peace with our plates.

And remember, the real intuitive eating is about trusting yourself, not just your diet.

You can listen to episode 33 here


00:00 Confusion about intuitive eating due to co-opting.

05:17 Exciting online summit with 28 inspiring speakers.

07:25 Emphasizing importance of practicing all principles together.

10:51 Regulate appetite, make peace with all food.

14:28 Develop self-compassion, curiosity, and emotional regulation.

17:37 Practice all principles, seek professional nutrition advice.

23:41 Both and thinking, not all or nothing.

26:36 Unlearning diet culture, embracing intuitive eating, patience.

30:58 Join group coaching for confidence with food.

32:05 Goodbye, until our next meeting.

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