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You’re doing everything you think you “should” be doing to create success with your health, body, and life. You’ve followed multiple diet plans or have been diligent about eating right, but you’re still frustrated with your body and don’t feel like you’re getting any results… or if you do, they feel impossible to maintain. 

You’ve been at war with food and your body for as long as you can remember.  You don’t want to be, and you’re ready to make peace… except, you were never taught how (and that’s not your fault). 

Intuitive eating wasn’t meant to be a way to “give up on your health” or just accept your body as it is blindly. It’s possible you’ve played around with the intuitive eating frame work but feel scared you’re going gain endless amounts of weight or lose any progress you’ve made with your health.

These feelings are all NORMAL. 

The thing is… 

You were meant to live a healthy vibrant life and move in a body that you feel connected to. 

And it was never meant to require obsessing about food, waging war with your body, or feeling defeated at every turn…

I help women do just that… connect to their body, discover how trust themselves again, and learn to eat in a way that supports their energy and health withOUT struggle, guilt, or dieting.

I help you overcome:

  • Obsessive thoughts around food,
  • Body hatred,
  • The temptation of following another restrictive diet,
  • Overeating, binging, or restriction,
  • Yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations.

I don’t focus on weight reduction as an indicator of progress, but I do focus on YOUR unique needs and hold space for ALL OF YOU (including the fears, hopes, and desires). 

As a trauma-informed dietitian with a background in functional medicine, I bring the BEST of many modalities to support your healing journey to include extensive training in evidence-based nutrition therapy, neuroliguistics and neuroscience, somatic therapy, shame-informed counseling, and so much more. 

As a deeply spiritual person I also bring the best energy techniques with evidence-based mind-body approaches to help you evolve into a more vibrant version of yourself… from the inside out.

You’re not broken and you don’t need to fixed… you’ll be reminded of this as we work together which will bring more WHOLEness to your relationship to food, body, and your entire life. 

A new mindset will make the journey more sustainable so you can be off the diet rollercoaster for good…

Are you ready?


Check Out My Current Offerings Below


Transformation: You’re ready for full freedom with your food and body and DONE with diets and body hatred.  You desire to not only be flexible with food, but you also want to feel healthy and vibrant from the inside out. You’re ready to trust yourself to make the best choices for you…

You want to glow from the inside out and are done struggling to get there… Food and body get to be EASY and you’re ready to learn how. The support in this container is what you need to achieve an effortless feeling around food and body. 

Launch yourself into FULL support for ultimate healing of your relationship to food and your body. Experience the Peace with Food & Soul Method™, a blend of intuitive eating, neuroscience, somatic emotional support (and more!), Beth will support you deeply with your food, body, and health goals. 

Timeframe: 3 months

What you get:

  • 3 months of weekly coaching (10, 45-minute sessions) 
  • Unlimited Voxer coaching Monday-Friday x 3 months
  • 12-month access to my online portal trainings for potent trainings and transformation that you can use in your own time

Cost: $2750 

Pay in full bonus: 1 EXTRA coaching session + 2 weeks of additional Voxer support AFTER your 3 months of support. 

Payment plans: 2-part and 3-part payment plans available.


Transformation: You’re ready for more ease on your food and body journey. You’re feel a bit unsure if the non-diet path is for you, but ultimately, you’re excited to find out. 

This “lite” version of support is anything but lite, but offers you an opportunity for transformation on your own terms. 

Timeframe: 3 months

What you get:

  • 3 months of bi-weekly coaching (6, 45-minute sessions total)
  • 2 days of Voxer support/coaching each week 
  • 12-month access to my online portal trainings for potent trainings and transformation that you can use in your own time

Cost: $1450 

Pay in full BONUS: An EXTRA coaching session to be used with me anytime in the first 6-months after purchase.

Payment plans: 2-part and 3-part payment plans available.

VIP Day with Beth

Transformation: Discover what it feels like to be fully supported by Beth! Get answers to your burning questions in an intimate way that will leave you feeling reconnected and excited about the possibilities. 

Prospective clients love this option if they need a few questions answered OR if they want more support but want to know what it’s like before committing to a package. 

Timeframe: 1 day 

What you can expect:

  • 1 full day of Voxer support from Beth – ask me anything! 
  • The feeling of FULL support on your journey – be seen, heard, and supported. 
  • Up to 8 message exchanges

Cost: $79 

For first time clients ONLY. 


Peace with Food & Soul Group Coaching

What to expect: JUST REOPENED! This NEW version of her popular and transformative group coaching program, Peace with Food & Soul, has been UPGRADED and re-released for those ready to shed food and body guilt for good and uplevel their health in profound ways!  Get ready for massive transformation with women who GET you and will walk beside you in your transformation. 

Time/Date: Information about coaching call times available upon request. Please email to request more info or ask any questions! 

Cost: $1500 for a 4-month immersive container (payment-plans available)



Not sure if I can help you or if we’re a good fit?

DIY Options

Peace with Food & Soul Online Course and Journal

You’re ready for more peace with food and your body but you want to do it at your own pace. This DIY option might be the best option for you. Gain access to my entire training portal (including ALL updates and courses as they are added) for 12 months. You also get a personal copy of Your Intuitive Life Journal by my colleague Tammy Lantz sent right to your doorstep.


Timeframe: 12 months


What you get:

  • 12-month access to my online portal trainings for potent trainings and transformation that you can use in your own time
  • Your Intuitive Life Journal written by Tammy Lantz RD, LD 
  • Access to discounted ala carte 1:1 sessions with Beth 


Cost: $497