The Mindful Eating course led by Beth was so insightful!! There were so many pieces of the program that resonated with me and helped me pin down some things I can easily change about the way I eat and the way I look at food in general. I’m working on not feeling trapped by the decisions of what I’m going to eat anymore… I feel empowered about the choices I can make on a daily basis and am enjoying this new road of my food journey!

~Rachel, Peace with Food Participant

Every woman would benefit from the soul nourishing and abundant environment Beth has carefully woven for us through the Peace with Food and Soul programs. I signed up hoping to move the scale and fit in my favorite pair of jeans again and defy my autoimmune challenges but what I got was so much more than that! I am so thankful for the change in perspective, the freedom and the peace I feel and I hope that you invest in yourself too. Thank you, Beth!! This is a game changer.

~Cassandra Smith

This course was great and very empowering. I am a Registered Dietitian so I felt like I was going to know some of the information in this course but I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. In college, as a nutrition major, we learned a lot about how our bodies break down and utilize the nutrients in food. What I did not learn in college was how powerful our minds were and how big of a role our minds play in digestion. There were days that my mind was blown with the information I heard. How can I eat, what can be categorized as, a “bad” meal and not feel any side effects of indigestion? Some of the studies about how our minds function and think really brought up questions. But good questions! Questions that made me look deeper into my life and how I could create an experiment like the one I just learned about to improve my mind and body. This course is more than just learning about nourishing our bodies with nutritious foods. It’s also about nourishing our minds. My old mind always made me feel guilty when I would eat sugar and candy. As a nutrition professional, it’s been ingrained in my mind that processed foods and sugar are bad for me. But I still eat it anyway! However, the difference now that I’ve taken this course is, I don’t feel guilty after eating those “bad” foods. Instead, I enjoy them because I know that I am still eating nutritious foods throughout the day. One high fat, calorie-dense meal or snack isn’t going to ruin my body. My negativity about food could though. A very wise woman told us that ‘just because you might’ve taken a step backward, doesn’t mean you should give up.’ This is a long journey but totally worth it. Every lesson I learned something that I incorporated into that day and I saw progress. One bad day won’t hold me back from the many days ahead of me. My new positivity towards food has helped me lead a happier life in more ways than one.

~Lexi Tyson

As I near the end of the course, I honestly believe every woman would benefit from “Peace with Food and Soul”. It gently, yet powerfully transforms, affording an opportunity for the inner goddess to emerge from the shadows. The transformation happens so naturally as you make the journey of discovery! Thank you Beth.

~Sheila Guiterrez

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The Mindful Eating course with Beth is packed with vital and detailed information that truly changes your perspective on the food you put into your body, and how your body reacts to that food based on the way you think about it. You begin to slow down and think about what is nourishing versus what isn't. It changes your palette. Fast food and junk won't taste as good as you once thought it did. You won't feel obligated to finish your plate at a restaurant or to get seconds (or thirds) at holiday gatherings. This course really challenged me to become mentally aware of the entire process - from farm to digestion and everything in between. The more of a positive relationship you have with food, the more of a positive relationship you will have with the environment and yourself. It's very humbling. Slow down. Breathe. Think. Savor. We have total control.


I was amazed with the unbelievable changes in my digestion after using some of the tools that Beth discussed. Before using the techniques, eating a bowl of chili would have made me feel so miserable. By learning the right way at looking at food and how I should consume it, I can eat chili and not feel the painful bloating and overfull feeling! I also learned that not having will power is not the reason we overeat and if we listen to our bodies, we can solve so many of our problems with food. If you are curious about what it's all about like I was, take this course, you won’t regret it!


Yes, I am finding that I have been eating less but enjoying the taste of food much more. I had to work at this. At first, I was shocked to see how fast I was eating. It was a habit I guess with having 3 busy kids. Now I go through the breathing and try to eat slowing tasting each bite. It has really helped my indigestion. I am starting module 5 and I am very excited about what I will be learning next.

~Dawn Kiss

Peace with Food & Soul has been far more enlightening than I could have ever dreamed. After trying so many different 'diets' to help me get where I wanted to be weight wise over the years I met Beth at a community presentation. I was at the point where I just want to feel good; to be healthy. I have searched for a way, a count, a routine, a gimmick to get me there. These all work but only temporarily. Beth has a way of helping you understand why you do what you do with food. This course is well worth the time, money and effort put forth. I have found a new path for which I am thankful and I highly recommend Beth Basham and her class, Peach with Food & Soul!

~Peace with Food & Soul Participant 

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