Overcoming Weight Gain Anxiety: A Guide to Intuitive Eating

Embracing Your Body: 3 Steps to Conquer the Fear of Gaining Weight

In the latest episode of Beyond Intuitive Eating, titled ‘3 Steps for Releasing the Fear of Weight Gain,’ host Beth Basham opens up a heartfelt discussion about the journey towards body acceptance and the struggle against the fear of weight gain. It’s a conversation that holds deep significance for many, as Beth delves into not only the methods for developing a healthier mindset but also shares her own intimate battles with food and exercise.

Beth highlights how our fears and negative thoughts about body image can create barriers to truly experiencing peace with food and our bodies. She takes listeners through practical steps that aim towards fostering a compassionate relationship with oneself. Firstly, she speaks about the importance of becoming a witness to our thoughts. Beth emphasizes the power of awareness—recognizing that the narratives in our heads are often fear-based and not reflective of reality or our true selves. This realization is a crucial first step in changing the trajectory of one’s body image journey.

The next phase revolves around shifting from fear-based thoughts to those of love and kindness. Beth acknowledges that this shift doesn’t happen overnight, but with intentional practice and patience, one can reframe thoughts to be more empowering. She guides listeners on how to befriend their bodies by focusing on the present and cultivating trust in bodily cues, such as hunger and fullness, leading to potential weight stabilization and a more attuned relationship with food.

Beth doesn’t shy away from discussing the external factors that fuel the fear of weight gain. She tackles the societal conditioning by diet culture and vehemently argues against the stigmatization associated with living in a larger body. Through Beth’s engaging narrative, listeners are inspired to question ingrained beliefs and are encouraged to actively work towards embracing intuitive eating and self-acceptance.

An integral part of the episode includes introducing her listeners to the ‘Peace with Food and Soul’ method—a group coaching program helmed by Beth herself. Through somatic work and trust-building exercises, Beth navigates through the complex layers that constitute our relationship with food and our bodies. She shares how these strategies have personally transformed her life and the lives of many of her clients.

In essence, this longer-than-usual episode is a powerful appeal to anyone seeking to reclaim their personal power from diet culture. Beth’s narrative is not just informative but also deeply evocative, as it speaks to the core of what it means to find food freedom. She wraps up the conversation with an invitation to listeners to share their own experiences and to reach out for support through the resources she provides.

This episode of Beyond Intuitive Eating is more than just a podcast—it’s a rallying cry for a kinder approach to self-image and a blueprint for building a healthier, more forgiving relationship with oneself.

You can listen to episode 24 here


00:00 Podcasts offer hope for intuitive eating journey.

03:51 Comfortable, stable weight, release fear, gain confidence.

07:00 Weight and health correlation is being challenged.

10:41 Free yourself from dieting and eat freely.

14:44 Overcome fear of weight gain with support.

19:43 Unconscious thoughts impact daily life, require awareness.

23:28 Recognize and question thoughts, trust the body.

27:23 Shift away from fear towards health and happiness.

30:05 Transform your life through shifting to love.

34:03 Embrace your body instead of fighting it.

36:42 Help clients feel body sensations, reclaim freedom.

40:13 Embrace fear, step through it, find freedom.

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