The Power of “I am for her” Mantra in Body and Food Liberation

Harnessing the “I am for her” Mantra for Self-Compassion and Body Acceptance

Are you tired of the constant battle with your body and the never-ending struggle over what and how much to eat? If so, you’re in the right place. In today’s episode of the Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast, host Beth Basham shares an unlikely mantra that has the power to revolutionize your relationship with your body and food.

Beth introduces the powerful mantra, “I am for her,” and explains how it has transformed the lives of her clients and herself. This simple statement of compassion holds the key to unlocking a more loving and accepting relationship with your body and your approach to food.

The mantra, “I am for her,” is a statement of compassion that challenges the cultural narratives that often drive us to compare ourselves to others and put their needs before our own. Beth shares how the practice of offering compassion to others can help us learn to extend the same compassion to ourselves, ultimately leading to a deeper sense of self-acceptance and love.

The podcast episode delves into practical ways to incorporate the “I am for her” mantra into your daily life. It encourages listeners to intentionally use the statement in various settings, from the grocery store to social media, and especially in environments where self-comparison tends to take over.

Beth emphasizes the profound impact of consistently practicing this mantra, highlighting the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive community that values compassion and self-acceptance. She also suggests finding a creative way to remind yourself of the mantra, whether it’s through a tattoo, a sticky note, or a visual reminder that keeps the practice at the forefront of your mind.

Throughout the episode, Beth emphasizes the transformative power of the mantra and invites listeners to incorporate it into their lives with the intention of cultivating a more compassionate and loving relationship with their bodies and their approach to food.

If you want to embark on a journey to transform your relationship with your body and food, embracing the “I am for her” mantra could be the key to unlocking a more loving and compassionate approach to self-care.

To listen to the full episode and learn more about Beth’s work, Listen to Podcast Episode 19 here. If you’re looking for more support on your food and body journey, be sure to check the show notes for information about Beth’s free Facebook group and private coaching opportunities.

Remember, compassion drives healing, and this unlikely mantra has the potential to change your entire outlook on your body and food. Give it a try and watch as self-compassion and acceptance transform your life.


00:00 Beth Basham hosts Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast.

04:27 Prioritizing compassion for self and others.

08:38 Overcome negative body image with group coaching.

11:48 Recognize and interrupt your inner critic’s negativity.

15:17 Compassionate phrase empowers self and others.

18:21 Recognize triggers and practice self-awareness.

21:30 Embrace the mantra for transformative self-compassion.

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