From Burnout to Liberation: Heather’s Journey to Body Positivity

Finding Freedom: Heather’s Path to a Healthy Relationship with Food

Discovering Peace with Food and Body: Heather’s Transformation Journey on Beyond Intuitive Eating Podcast

On the latest episode of Beyond Intuitive Eating, host Beth Basham welcomed Heather Baldwin, whose journey to food and body liberation is nothing short of inspiring. Heather, a mother, wife, and founder of Love and Soulless Coaching, shared her story of moving from a cycle of burnout to finding peace with her body and food.

Heather candidly recounted the burning out from strict dieting and a punishing exercise regimen, including multiple zumba, yoga, and pilates classes. It was a path that led her to exhaustion without delivering the promise of better health. Her moment of realization came when she found a Facebook group that offered a new perspective on body positivity and intuitive eating.

Joining Beth’s group coaching program, ‘peace of food and soul,’ Heather found an environment that celebrated diversity, personal growth, and body trust. This nurturing space allowed her and others to progress at their unique pace, providing the support and inspiration needed for their journey to food and body liberation.

The positive changes didn’t stop with Heather. Her transformation has profoundly influenced her family life, particularly in how she teaches her young daughter about body positivity and the importance of having a neutral relationship with food.

Beth Basham, a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, emphasized the broader impact of this work. Beyond individual transformations, there’s a powerful ripple effect through families and communities that can disrupt the toxic cycle of diet culture and body obsession.

For our listeners inspired by Heather’s story, Beth’s coaching program is now open for those seeking to embrace food and body confidence. The program is designed to foster a holistic understanding of health that combines mind, body, and soul, as echoed by the numerous testimonials of past participants.

If Heather’s journey has struck a chord with you, tune in to the Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast episode, ‘How Heather went from burnout to food and body freedom,’ for more insights. You can also explore the ‘peace of food and soul’ group coaching program detailed in the show notes. It’s a call to join a loving community that supports you in finding your path to well-being, just like Heather.

Remember, it’s about making peace with your body, eating intuitively, and establishing a lifestyle that celebrates food freedom. Let’s take this step towards a healthier, happier you together.

Listen to the episode here


00:00 From burnout to peace, affecting health, relationships.

05:09 Transition from personal to group coaching was transformative.

06:30 Group coaching vs. one-on-one, its value.

11:04 Enjoyed teaching spinning, but unhealthy weight obsession.

14:06 Facebook group changed perspective on fitness and diet.

17:20 Personal growth program allows individuals to advance.

22:43 Listening to body signals and rejecting diet culture.

25:44 Family impacted by program, mindful of words.

28:38 Encouraging self-care through intuitive eating for others.

31:07 Tools, acceptance, and normalizing changes for daughters.

37:03 Starting out as a life coach, helping others.

38:35 Inspired by Heather’s coaching and support.

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