Comparison is the thief of our joy, no?

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? ????‍♀️​

You’re not alone. Nearly every woman I know has compared her physical body to that of another woman at one time or another…

It takes time and repeated moments of awareness to catch those automatic thoughts and slowly change them…

Do these thoughts ever come up for you?

  • She is smaller than me, it must mean I am not as good as her.
  • She is bigger than me, I remain small in my heart.
  • Her abs are so ripped, why can’t I look like that?
  • Her abs are so ripped, why can’t I look like that?
  • My self-worth = physical appearance.
  • I won’t be happy until I look like her.

Consider taking these thoughts, seeing them for what they are… beliefs… beliefs that can be changed by flexing the muscle of awareness…

Because, after all, we eat and digest more than food… We digest emotions and thoughts as well.

Next time you find yourself at the seat of comparison to another woman… Consider saying this…

  • I see you.
  • I thank you.
  • I release you.

You don’t necessarily have to find a better thought to replace it in that moment but you can practice the small step of letting go of the beliefs and thoughts that keep you feeling small…

Because you deserve better. We all do!

Don’t you think? Hit reply, and let me know your thoughts!

In love,



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