I enjoyed two giant servings of spaghetti

I enjoyed two giant servings of spaghetti (because it was delicious) this weekend and trusted my body to self regulate… and it did. Do you want that too?

About 10 years ago, gorging on a meal left me feeling depressed, sickened, and fearful of getting on the scale the next day.

I frantically would enter the calories into MyFitnessPal, be planning my extra long workout at the gym for repentance of my eating “sins”, and be thinking about all the foods I’d have to say “no” to tomorrow….

This was NOT a way to live. Would you agree?

Even as a dietitian, I was addicted to dieting and terrified of letting it go. The number on the scale was going up despite restriction, endless hours burning those extra calories, and days obsessing about what I put in my mouth.

It took the scale hitting a number I never thought I would see for me to realize it wasn’t working…

Restriction and rules were giving me anxiety, depression, and ruining my health!

They say insanity is just doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result, right?

It was at that moment I realized I was going insane and something had to change so change it did.

After letting go and relearning how to trust my body with food, food freedom and liberation became second nature. My body returned to a “healthy” weight while eating MORE and exercising LESS (you heard me right).

This can be your reality too…

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