Would you follow your doctor’s advice if it made you sicker?

If you just got sick and the doctor suggested a cure to you that would make you SICKER, would you follow it?

It’s kind of like asking you if your friend were to jump off a bridge, would you follow her? right?

I expect your answer is probably that you WOULD NOT follow the doctor’s advice…

Here’s the deal, the 60 billion dollar diet industry has been brainwashing women into following diets as a prescription for weight loss and health. The fact is studies show that women (and men) who go on diets are worse off than people who didn’t.

A 2007 study from UCLA studied the effectiveness of dieting and found that one of the best predictors of weight gain was having lost weight on a diet at some point during the years before*.

Yes! Going on a diet actually INCREASED the chances of weight gain…

The diet industry is full of false hope and empty processes. It makes me sick and I hope it does you too!

Diets can be addicting, almost like another way to numb us out from really getting to the bottom of the issue which often is tied to worthiness and feeling loved.

It takes courage, good will, and patience to break free, but I know that it’s possible and so worth the journey.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the next step and want food freedom once and for all, take a peek at my $1 Food Freedom Blueprint!

My schedule for these calls is limited, but if you’re a woman who is ready to reprogram her relationship with food and body, you won’t want to miss out. Click here to watch the video and get all the details >>> https://info.bethbasham.com/food-freedom-blueprint-40290732

Cheers to food and body freedom!


*source for stats: Women, Food & God by Geneen Rosh (such a good read btw!)

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