Empower Your Pelvis: Transforming Body Image and Intuition with Brianne Grogan

Reclaim Your Body: Connection and Healing Through the Pelvic Floor

In the latest episode of ‘Beyond Intuitive Eating’, titled ‘Healing body image concerns through the pelvic floor’, host Beth Basham introduces her guest, Brianne Grogan, a renowned doctor of physical therapy specializing in pelvic health. Their conversation illuminates the intimate link between body image and the pelvic floor, providing listeners with not just insights but also practical exercises to foster healing and connection.

Opening the dialogue, Brianne Grogan emphasizes the importance of creating a safe, private space where individuals can explore their body sensations, specifically in the pelvic area, to the calming rhythm of slow music. Beth Basham supports this approach, underscoring that healing in intuitive eating doesn’t solely depend on cognitive understanding, but also on embracing the body’s intelligence.

As the episode progresses, Grogan introduces a tangible exercise aimed at fostering a connection with the pelvic area through gentle touch, deliberate movement, and a mindful dialogue with one’s body. She encourages listeners to ‘check in’ with their pelvic area while naming and claiming the womb, vulva, and pelvic bowl as integral parts of their being.

Beth acknowledges the initial discomfort that might arise from such practices and encourages open-mindedness, stressing the importance of staying present with any resistance or numbness encountered. Grogan points out the potential for the pelvic area to act as an intuition center, aiding decision-making and overall well-being.

Beth then shares news about the reopening of her group coaching program, ‘Peace of Food and Soul.’ This four-month journey is designed to liberate individuals from food and body guilt, fostering confidence and harmony. The program’s success is reflected in the testimonials from individuals who have reshaped their relationships with food and their bodies. Listeners are invited to visit the show notes for more details and to engage with Beth’s free Facebook group and private coaching opportunities.

The episode circles back to the paramount issue: Brianne Grogan and Beth Basham delve into the cognitive process of reclaiming body parts from stigma and shame, discussing societal narratives that have historically diminished women’s body agency, particularly around puberty and menstruation. They stress the importance of confronting and overcoming this generational shame.

Movement and somatic practices are presented as key to unlocking the pelvic area, with Grogan suggesting starting with mechanical exercises such as hip circles. These practices can lead to more intuitive, embodied experiences that celebrate the body’s capacity to move and connect.\n\nResources including pelvic floor meditations and challenges are shared, in addition to beneficial websites such as vibrantpelvichealth.com and briannegrogan.com, guiding listeners on a transformative journey towards pelvic health and empowerment. Each resource is intended to support listeners in reclaiming their bodies and fostering a relationship with their inner selves.

‘Beyond Intuitive Eating’ stands as a beacon of knowledge and support for women navigating the complexities of body image and intuitive eating. Powered by Beth Basham’s extensive expertise, the podcast continues to inspire and enable women to reclaim their femininity and health on a deeply intuitive level. This profound conversation with Brianne Grogan strengthens their shared mission to empower women through education and practical guidance.

You can listen to episode 31 here


00:00 Podcast hosted by Beth Basham promotes body confidence.

05:12 Postpartum prolapse led to focus on pelvic health.

06:58 Lack of awareness about women’s health issues.

09:44 Prolapse studies find negative body image impact.

13:14 Generational shame about women’s bodies is rooted deep.

16:53 Reclaiming body image through proper anatomical terms.

20:51 Many women lack proper rite of passage.

23:26 Reclaim femininity, connect with body through movement.

30:02 Deepening connection with body, through dialogue and touch.

34:18 Intuition is rooted in different body centers.

35:15 Listening to body leads to better decisions.

40:50 Free YouTube meditation and pelvic health challenge.

41:30 “Amazing resources, check show notes for details.”

45:05 Reopen group coaching program for food peace.

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