How to Avoid Overeating: 3 Steps to Food Freedom and Mindful Eating Mastery

Overcome Overeating: Practical Steps to Cultivate Self-Compassion and Satisfying Mindful Eating Habits

Are you tired of feeling guilt and frustration after overeating? Do you struggle to honor your body’s hunger and fullness cues? If so, you’re not alone. In this episode of the Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast, hosted by Beth Basham, a registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, and liberated body coach, we dive into practical strategies to help you stop overeating in three simple steps.

Step 1: Self-Compassion
The first step in overcoming overeating is to practice self-compassion. Beth emphasizes the importance of reframing the way we perceive overeating and the messages we internalize about it. By acknowledging the cultural narratives around overeating, we can begin to offer ourselves forgiveness and understanding. Instead of self-criticism, Beth encourages listeners to adopt a curious and compassionate approach to understanding their overeating tendencies.

Step 2: Getting Out Ahead of It
The second step focuses on getting ahead of overeating by addressing the factors that may contribute to it. Beth discusses the role of nervous system regulation and the impact of undernourishment on overeating tendencies. By learning to regulate our bodies and ensuring adequate nourishment throughout the day, we can minimize the likelihood of overeating episodes.

Step 3: Cultivating Mindfulness with Food
The final step involves cultivating mindfulness with food. Beth emphasizes the importance of creating a conducive environment for mindful eating, such as turning off distractions and fully engaging with the sensory experience of eating. Mindful eating provides an opportunity to connect with our body’s signals, promoting a deeper understanding of hunger and fullness cues.

Beth offers a holistic and empathetic perspective, acknowledging that overeating is a multi-faceted issue that varies for each individual. She highlights the significance of seeking professional support for a deeper understanding of overeating tendencies and uncovering root causes.

This episode provides insightful guidance for anyone seeking to develop a healthier relationship with food, offering practical steps to navigate the complex issue of overeating. Whether you’re new to intuitive eating or seeking to enhance your relationship with food, Beth’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach offers valuable insights and support.

If you’re ready to end the war with your body and embark on a journey towards food freedom, tune in to the Beyond Intuitive Eating podcast to discover practical strategies for overcoming overeating and fostering a positive relationship with food and your body.

You can listen to episode 28 here


00:00 Tips for managing overeating and promoting self-awareness.

05:58 Self-compassion and forgiveness for overeating’s impact.

07:00 Encourage compassionate self-talk, change “why” to “what”.

12:25 Restrictive diets backfire due to biological revolt.

13:58 Balanced eating provides satiety and energy.

17:12 Minimize distractions, eat meals and snacks mindfully.

21:26 Fluctuations in kids’ food intake and advice.

23:38 Expressing gratitude and promoting further podcast engagement.

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