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When working with clients, one of the hardest things for people is not the WHAT but the HOW. Most of us know that eating more fruits and vegetables is good. We understand that healthy fats are important and that whole grains should be selected over refined grains. The fact is, what we know, we do not always apply. And what we don’t always have is the time (or desire) to plan a healthy menu, go to the store, and, finally, conger up the energy to cook it. We say, “if only someone else could do my shopping…”, or “if someone else could plan my menu that would be great…”. In modern society, where we are spoiled with instant gratification – whether it be instant communication, instant coffee or instant food – so it can be difficult to carve out the time for proper meal preparation and planning.

Unfortunately, planning and preparation are two of the most important things you can do that contribute to eating healthier foods and living a healthier lifestyle. Not by coincidence, but these are also some of the most difficult habits to change.

BUT, WAIT! What if I told you, there were a way to cut some corners…

An opportunity to eat well without the hassle of shopping or planning?

Would you JUMP for joy? Holler out “HALLELUJAH!”? Scream, “SWEET POTATOES!”?

I think you would, because anything that saves you time, saves you.

I am happy to announce that your day has come. At least, if you live on Oahu. A new company has emerged and is ready to take on your challenges and bring you dinner 3 nights a week. This company will plan, shop and deliver you food right to your doorstep. All you have to do is find 30 minutes of your evening to cook it! Those same 30 minutes could be spent waiting at the restaurant or driving to the fast food joint but now you can just spent them at home, preparing a fabulous, UBER-healthy meal for you and your favorite people.

Meet FreshBox.

Founded by Will, the chef, and Jed, the director of operations.

FreshBox has been developed and created with YOU, the busiest person in the world, in mind. The chef, who received his training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, has thoughtfully put together a menu with tons of veggies, a variety of proteins (including fish which I recommend regular consumption), and a whole lot of love. Portions are just about right and your taste buds will thank you.

I know what you are thinking… “I don’t know how to cook!”

Do not despair. Will and Jed have put together colorful step-by-step instructions on how to prep and cook with an assortment of picture to ensure you are doing it right. It seriously could not get any easier and no meal takes more than 30 minutes. The best part is, chef or not, you will create a beautiful plate of food with your own two hands. If you don’t cook regularly, this could be the most rewarding part of your day, trust me!

“Okay, okay… but what does it cost? It’s gotta be expensive, right?”

First of all, ask yourself how much you spend going out… even to McDonald’s or on a lunch plate? After drinks, side dishes and gas money, you are looking at something like $10-15 a person. FreshBox costs $12.00 per meal, which is pretty reasonable compared to the alternative. What you don’t get with FreshBox, however, is added preservatives, larger than life portion sizes and sugary beverages that add unwanted weight to your belly and take years off your life (believe me, I am not being extreme to make a point).fresh box 2

Best part is… It’s tested and Dietitian approved!

I was able to try FreshBox for myself and was WOWed by the experience. Though I personally enjoy cooking, I know that not everyone does. As I embarked on the journey of prepping my meals I took care to evaluate the experience from all angles. These are my findings:

  • Beautiful packaging and preparation. Your box will be cold and stay cold for hours upon delivery.
  • Recipe cards are gorgeous! I love pictures, and know you will too.
  • Half my plate was veggies every meal. It’s always a challenge getting veggies into the diet, but was made simple with this program.
  • Seriously too easy. I created healthy meal in just about 30 minutes every time.
  • Excellent variation of proteins. I got a healthy 4-6 oz portion of steak, chicken and mahi mahi during my week.
  • Recycling option! If you become a regular customer, Jed and Will can reuse your boxes and packaging materials (after sanitizing, of course).
  • Effort for organic. Though not everything in the box is organic, a great majority is, and a little goes a long way in reducing your exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides.
  • This box has been called a “Farmer CSA box on steroids” — I would have to agree!

Gourmet wellness at it’s finest. This is a nutritionally balanced, gourmet meal kit delivery system that you should definitely know about.

Find more information on their homepage or email Jed at for more info.

Cook well. Eat well. Live well.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me, Beth, for more ways to making eating health convenient and fun.

In Health and Vitality,


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