Are you seeking a high-quality supplement but not sure where to go? With all of the fraud taking place on Amazon, eBay, and other sales pages, I was not sure where to go either!

Because of this, I set up accounts with Thorne ResearchEmerson Ecologics, and doTERRA Essential Oils because I trust the quality of their supplements and my own personal experience has been very positive.

These products are ONLY available from a licensed health care provider or verified distributor, and though you may be able to find them on Amazon, you are not guaranteed that you will get what you are paying for. Follow these simple steps to get what you need. Contact me if you need help!

Ordering from Emerson Ecologics:

  1. I have provided a 10% discount on all products from Emerson (insert happy dance)
  2. Click on the picture of the butterfly below and create an account.
  3. Access all of your favorite supplements for 10% off retail.


Ordering from Thorne:

Click here to set up your account. Contact me for a 10% discount.

Get started with doTERRA:

Some of my favorite supplements and essential oils come from doTERRA. Their quality and purity is, by far, some of the best I have come across.

Join doTERRA today by clicking here or on the image below and get a FREE wellness consult with me. Once you’ve created your account, I will be in contact with you to set up your consult. If you need help customizing your cart, contact me today.

You deserve to get what you pay for… 

There are many high-quality supplements out there, so please do not assume I promote only one brand! I also love Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations, Klaire Labs and NOW!, just to name a few. I just wanted to find a good company or two I could refer to patients, family, and friends so that they could access a great product who guarantees their quality and potency.

If you have more questions about supplements, please contact me for more info.