Recommended by Beth

This is a list of websites and resources that I personally use and recommend to my clients.

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine – Dr. Kristy Van Kirk

Dr. Kristy and I partner in providing nutrition and lifestyle education to the community in Cheyenne, WY. If you are looking for a more holistic or integrative approach from an MD, Dr. Van Kirk may be a good fit.

In The Moment Wellness Studio – Felicia Widger

This is where my physical practice space is located and it’s also home to my favorite massage and Rossiter specialists in Cheyenne. Felicia is an intuitive bodyworker who gives her clients the special attention they need to feel better physically. I highly recommend her!

CookSmarts Meal Planning

This is a MUST have tool for the person who wants to cook healthy food but doesn’t have the time to compile a grocery list or meal plan. This website is a one-stop shop for delicious, healthy meals that are customizable and easy. We’ve tried a couple of different programs and so far, this has been my favorite due to its user-friendly nature and tasty recipes.

FemFusion Fitness

I personally work with Brianne Grogan, owner of FemFusion Fitness on multiple projects and programs. She and I have a very similar nutrition and health philosophy and I love her to pieces. She has some amazing recipes and insight to provide regarding health, movement, and “lady bits”.

Chris Kresser LAC

My venture into Functional Medicine started when I began to follow Chris Kresser. He has a wonderful podcast and tons of FREE information on how to reverse and prevent disease through nutrition and natural means. He might not know it, but I consider him a huge mentor in my learning process.

Thrive Market

Looking for a place to buy healthy food but can’t stand paying the high prices at Whole Foods or other high-cost natural food markets? This is for you! For only $40/year you can gain access to incredibly low prices on some of the best health foods on the market. I am a member and I hope you will consider becoming one too. The mission of the company is right in line with my value and donates memberships to low-income families in need of access to high-quality foods. Oh, did I mention they have a great blog and recipe collection too? Don’t miss this one.

Institute of Functional Medicine

Curious as to what Functional Medicine is? Check out this site for detailed info and practitioners in your area.


An excellent and affordable hub for weekly recipe plans that are gluten-free, vegetarian and even paleo! I love what’s going on here.

Weston A. Price Foundation

Interested in a whole foods approach to health? This is another excellent, research-based website and foundation that is dedicated to getting people healthy via good nutrition and lifestyle. This is where I direct anyone who needs help finding a bone broth recipe and information on saturated fats.

Ellyn Satter’s Institute

Much of my background is in pediatric nutrition and health. Ellyn Satter is one of the professionals I look up to for continuing education and research on infant and child feeding and behavior. It’s here that I learned about the division of responsibility which I routinely teach my families because it fairs so much success!

Healthy Children’s Project

This is the homepage of the entity under which I hold my certification as a Lactation Counselor (CLC). Check it out for more evidence-based information about breastfeeding.