Are you interested in health and wellness? 

Do you believe that HOLISTIC health is the path to lasting change? 

Are you tired of paying for or taking prescription and over the counter medications?

Do you seek natural, non-toxic personal care products and home cleaning solutions?

Have you heard about essential oils but just have NO CLUE what they are all about? 

Do you like products that support small farmers? Help strengthen economies in developing countries? And cultivate their products within their indigenous regions? (I DO, I DO!!) 

My guess is YES if you are visiting my site…

As a dietitian and lover of all things natural, I regularly use essential oils in my practice for many of the above reasons. These amazing plant compounds can help to support the body in phenomenal ways including supporting the maintenance of healthy blood sugar to easing everyday aches and pains. I love to diffuse high-quality essential oils for mood support and regularly make my own household cleaners with them. Heck, I even like to cook with essential oils, provided they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade!

Are you interested in how essential oils might help you get off meds, minimize exposure to toxins, and support a healthy mood and fight depression? Contact me today for your free consultation on how you can use essential oils AND nutrition to find inner health and vitality. I only recommend the best products on the market and have done a ton of research to find the one brand I, wholeheartedly, trust.

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Why work with me? 

When you work with me, you get not only excellent education on essential oils, you also get my personal attention and support with your nutrition and lifestyle goals. This is something I typically charge for, but when you buy a kit from me, I offer a free 45-minute health coaching session for FREE (a $120 value!). I have been doing this for over 10 years and have the tools to get you moving forward on your health journey. Why not join the team and rediscover your inner SHINE. Besides… it’s a lot of fun. 

I want to spread the LOVE of essential oils with others. I truly want to help and will spend time finding exactly what you need to maximize your health and your potential!  I want you to use only the best oils on the market so you see results, and get the best prices while you are at it.

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Host a party, get free oils!

Interested in getting some free oils before making a decision? If you can gather 5 or more of your friends and schedule a party with me, I’ll get you some free product. Mimosas optional!

p.s. I also provide excellent support for those who are interested in sharing oils with others and building a part-time business that literally helps people learn to thrive. 

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