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What Actual Clients Have to Say About Working with Beth…


“I’ve been struggling with caring about cooking or even eating for that matter. Trips to the grocery store were horrible and everything around cooking and food felt like it was such a chore. 

After working with Beth, I started finding more joy in food choices, shopping and even became a little more excited about being present with my food and my meals. I no longer feel the dread of the grocery and we are naturally eating healthier tastier food. I am so grateful for how easy it is to work with Beth and how supportive and understanding she is.”


I have worked with Beth for years and in a few different settings. Every since I have known her, she is one of the most genuine, good-hearted, well meaning people I have ever met. 

When I personally was going through some health difficulties, she was at the top of list to reach out to for ideas on bettering my health. Not only just because of her vast knowledge base which is holistic minded and includes more than just nutrition, but also because of her loving, compassionate, gentle ways of providing information and support. She is someone who truly wants the best for the WHOLE you and is someone you can entrust your care with.


“One of the biggest perks of my experience in working with my health is having an incredibly gifted and supportive health care professional in my corner. 

I will always be eternally grateful to Beth for her empowering knowledge and amazing support in my life. If you want to love food and enjoy food while building a positive and healthy relationship with food, Beth is for you! 

Sheila Gutierrez

“I’m eating less food overall and I find my food choices are healthier, even my cravings – the beautiy is that it happened so naturally!”

I’m eating less food overall and I find my food choices are healthier, even my cravings – the beauty is that it happened so naturally! Not because I forced it or had to police my choices and convince myself what to eat or not to eat. Enjoying my food, truly savoring whatever I’m putting in my mouth equates to needing to eat less of it. Paying attention to my food has become important (not that I’m perfect by any means) and learning that my meal starts way before I take the first bite, was paramount for me and has completely shifted everything about the way I eat. Beth asks you to stay curious . . . I am so glad I found her. 

Cassandra Smith

“Every woman would benefit from the soul-nourishing and abundant environment Beth has carefully woven for us through the Peace with Food and Soul programs. I signed up hoping to move the scale and fit in my favorite pair of jeans again and defy my autoimmune challenges but what I got was so much more than that!”

I have found courage, support, love, and I am getting the tools to really learn to LOVE myself and my body which helps me to love others that much better. Beth’s sweetly candid and knowledgeable yet humble approach to sharing the tools is so refreshing. It’s more like getting advice from a friend than taking another “eat this not that” kind of class.
I am seeing myself more clearly than before inside and out and I am excited about what that means for the future. The short videos are manageable in a busy schedule like mine, even in a pandemic so if I can squeeze it in for myself I KNOW you can too. And it is SO worth it! 

Lexi Tyson

As a nutrition professional, it’s been ingrained in my mind that processed foods and sugar are bad for me. But I still eat it anyway! However, the difference now that I’ve done this work is, I don’t feel guilty after eating those “bad” foods. Instead, I enjoy them because I know that I am still eating nutritious foods throughout the day.