Best Body 15-Minute Meditation

Hi, I am Beth Basham, a Registered Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition and founder of Healthy By Design RD. I help women like you rediscover a positive relationship with food and body and escape the madness of the diet industry all while achieving your health goals.

I do this through my Peace with Food & Soul programs delivered my Peace with Food Inner Circle, online training programs and private and group coaching programs, so you can find your optimal weight, heal your digestive woes, and discover the best eating plan for your unique body.

Your Best Body Meditation (part of my Peace with Food & Soul Online Course) has been responsible for supporting women in removing the stress of restriction and negative body image so they can finally live in food and body freedom and never diet again.

Without it, you will continue to jump from diet to diet, become confused by the mixed messages about nutrition from the so-called “gurus”, and never find your optimal shape or desired health goals.

With it, you’ll find inner peace and balance which is essential for the healing process (both physically and mentally) and immediately start feeling more love toward your life and your body in ways you never dreamt possible…

So, find a quiet space, and get comfortable so you can experience 10-15 minutes of “you” time.

You’re in possession of a tool that can get you massive results when implemented correctly.

But, unless you understand the importance of mindset when making changes to your diet and lifestyle, it will remain an under-utilized tool that sits in your toolbox.


It is like having the keys to a gorgeous car but not knowing how to drive it!


So, if you’d like to use this Best Body Meditation to it’s fullest potential as well as:

  • Let go of the diet and yo-yo struggle and learn HOW to eat so you can reach your health goals faster
  • Find your optimal shape without restriction, counting, or “rules”
  • Find liberation and joy with your food and your body
  • Learn how to tap into your ‘inner nutritionist’ so you can eat exactly what to eat for your unique body!


Contact me NOW for a Food Freedom Strategy Call to see if I can help you get from where you are to where you want to go…