3 Keys to Empowered Eating

Your First Steps To Shedding The Food & Body Guilt for Good!

Day 1: Reflect & Reprogram

Day 2: Empowered Compassionate Education

Day 3: Emotional Awareness & Education

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You may or may not realize that change has to happen from the inside out. 

Most people work on changing their behaviors using programs and food plans.

They work temporarily, but they NEVER stick.

In fact, if you’re trying to lose weight, you may not yet realize, but the process of dieting actually leads to WEIGHT GAIN and other comorbidities such as depression, diabetes and heart disease (add references).

Yup, what everyone else thinks is the solution is actually the problem!

If you want to see change…

You actually have to start retraining your brain and subconscious that is stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, guilt/shame, and being a victim to your genes or environment. 

You also have to get in control of your emotions in a sustainable and loving way!

Don’t be like everyone else and try to continue doing this on your own…

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