Step #2: EMBODY

Now that we’ve covered Step #1 of the 3 steps to BEcoming an empowered eater… Let’s move on.

The second step involves deeply shifting our IDENTITY around food and body and reprogramming the relationship with have with food and body.

Like I mentioned in a previous note, this is NOT something any other dietitian or nutritionist is teaching and it’s PROFOUND and life-changing!

In fact, one of our clients, Lisa, found this step to be the ticket to her freedom.

She told us that the experience of shifting her identity around food and body was paramount in her healing process and that just “educating” herself about mindful and intuitive eating was not enough…

But, after working on her subconscious beliefs and shifting her identity, everything started to make sense and food freedom started to become second nature.

You see, after teaching women mindful and intuitive eating for over a decade, I realized many were just treating the principles like another diet or set of “rules” which lead to failure and giving up…

In other words, they knew food and body freedom was possible, but it felt JUST out of reach for them and they couldn’t stick long-term to the habits of being a mindful and intuitive eater.

The something that was missing was shifting their IDENTITY and changing the Being under the Doing.

So again, while they cognitively felt good about the education in step #1 of the process (much like they may have felt in the past with a new diet), it just didn’t “stick” or become automatic like they believed it would.

That’s because, after years and decades of conditioning, they still held the IDENTITY of a dieter…

Understand this: everything you have now comes from what you have done, and what you have done comes from who you have been.

And how you have “been” is a reflection of your ways of BEing…

So, if you’re not getting what you want from life, including reaching your health goals and maintaining your mental well-being with food and body, it’s because you’re not first BEing the kind of person who can create that.

Does that make sense?

Anyways, this is where identity reprogramming and changing habits using neuroscience becomes KEY for long-term change…

I’ve put together another short video to help better explain Step 2: EMBODY. Check it out!

Go back and watch Step #1 if you haven’t watched it already!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the last, and final step, of how to become an empowered eater who loves the skin she’s in!