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Join Beth and anchor, Grace Lee, on Hawaii News New Sunrise show to learn the latest and greatest tips for healthy living. The segment airs on KGMB and KHNL between 6:30-8:00 am, but typically around 7:10-7:20 am.

June 2016 – 

Healthy Spam?! Reconnect with food and enjoy this popular island favorite with a homemade recipe for a healthier luncheon meat.

May 2016 –  Get those veggies in for breakfast! Make this breakfast casserole and eat on it for the entire week. Recipe here.

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

April 2016 – In this episode Beth shares some simple and easy recipes for household cleaners.

February 2016 –  Are you seeking out some better sources of sweetness? Sunrise was on the road at Castle Medical Center this week and Beth joined them! Check out some other ways to “sweeten” up your diet without sugar.

Super Bowl Sunday snacks usually leave us feeling tired and bloated. This year, enjoy a healthy twist to some party favorites that will leave you feeling light and full of energy. Recipes here.

December 2015 –  Are you stressed out from all the holiday cheer? Get some ideas for stress-relieving drinks to help you through the season! The featured recipe for Holiday Nog can be found here.

October 2015 – Is there a such thing as a healthy halloween? Maybe so. Check out this quick clip for 3 tips to keep your kids from going overboard on the candy this year!

September 2015 – Believe it or not, convenience stores like the 7 Eleven are stepping up their game and offering healthy choices. I was given the opportunity to do a little scavenger hunt and found some great choices! Now there is no excuse!

August 2015 – Grace gets a taste of Beth’s homemade “Beet”-lejuice. Check out this segment for information on fermented foods and how they can support your digestive health! Don’t take Grace’s word for it, try the recipe yourself!

July 2015 – School starts next week! Check out this special “Back to School” segment with Steve for some quick and easy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas. For the recipes found in this segment, click here.

Are organic fruits and veggies worth the extra cost? In this segment, Beth talks to Grace Lee about the pros of buying organic but also gives some tips on how to save money and clean your veggies effectively.

June 2015 – Learn how to make coconut oil chocolate bark! Blend health promoting coconut oil with rich dark chocolate and almonds for a tasty snack or dessert. Everything in moderation, of course, but a great option for the health enthusiast who doesn’t want to feel deprived.

MAY 2015 – Is there a dark side to kale? Find out here!

April 2015 – Looking for a new spin on breakfast? Try chia seeds! A high fiber, high protein and rich and antioxidant ingredient that will help you feel full until lunch time. Check out the video from Sunrise on Hawaii News Now.

In this edition, Beth gives tips on how to make a real food emergency kit that you can keep in your car or desk drawer. Break glass in case of hunger… and no healthy choice can be found nearby (e.g. stuck in traffic, at the park with kids, when a meeting lasts through lunch). Also great for taking to the airport or on beach adventures when stopping for a meal takes too much time or is too costly.